Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my official website, dedicated primarily to my career as a writer of crime fiction. Here you will find descriptions of my series and books plus links to where you can buy them. Because I write part-time and  juggle so many other different roles in my life (including being a mom and political activist), it is very difficult for me to answer e-mails and stay in touch with readers one-on-one. I hope you will use this blog  as a vehicle for contacting me, sending me comments and asking questions about my books. I very much appreciate  reader feedback and take all of your comments and support to heart. I would also love to use some of your questions as the basis for posts here, so feel free to ask away. You can subscribe to this blog via e-mail at right, bookmark it or sign up for RSS feeds.  Thanks and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world!

  1. It seem like the only time I contact is when a Stabbert dies; this time it was Shirley, wife of Fred and sister-in-law to the late Edwin and Robert. Hope all is well with you, your daughter, and life in general. I will be retiring from the world of work next year. I don’t do twitter or facebook, so I’d love it if you’d respond with a good old-fashioned email.
    Best always, Eileen


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