You’re Invited…

Katy Munger Reading 

Thursday, June 21, 2012
7:00 PM to  8:30 PM
Durham County Library: 1st Floor Auditorium
300 North Roxboro Street, Durham, NC 27701

Meet mystery author Katy Munger for a talk about her three mystery series. Her first series, written as Gallagher Gray, featured Hubbert & Lil, a NYC duo of a certain age. The second, written under her own name, features unlicensed PI Casey Jones, who works in Raleigh and Durham. Her newest series, set in Delaware, features Kevin Fahey, a dead detective who must find redemption before he moves on.  A book signing will follow the reading.

Copies of her Casey Jones series as well as her latest Dead Detective book will be available for sale following the reading. 

8 thoughts on “You’re Invited…”

  1. I wish you were coming to San Diego. I love the “angel ” books!!!!! I look forward to reading your other series,,,,,


    1. My sister lives in San Diego, so you never know, Graycelyn! So glad you read my Angel series. Those books are near and dear to my heart, but they are undeniably unusual and that’s made it tough for them to find an audience. Glad you found them!


    1. My dear Lil — drive up for it and you can stay with me and Zuzu Thursday night. It would be really fun and give us time to catch up. Being in the same room may be the only way we can find a time when both of us can do that! Come on. Get a little wild and take a road trip. Mi casa is su casa.


  2. California’s a little far to make the trip, but Katy, I just wonder why the long hiatus in the Desolate Angel series. That’s the series I’ve read and enjoyed very much. Any plans to put it in e-book form?


  3. You are my favorite author. I’ve just started reading the Hubbert & Lil series for the 2nd time. Thank you for making my day much brighter..


  4. Looking forward to finding the new Angels series. I love Casey Jones and her donut-eating boss. Tried to reply to the Facebook msg you sent but it bounced back. Someone adopted the two Sr beagles, the chihuahua, and the Lab. Thanks so much for emailing us. It was the Harnett Co Shelter, and we also Foster for Wake Co Shelter.
    Keep up the good work on Moral Mons!!0


  5. Hi Katy
    I’m so happy you brought Casey back! I missed her and you and our conversations via email.Its been a long time we used to talk about my casino stories working for Trump in the heydey of Atlantic City.I don’t know if you recall our conversations about the oversized furniture and the psychology of business.


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