What kind of writer’s workshop would you attend?

I have been named the 2016 Piedmont Laureate and one of the responsibilities of that position is to conduct workshops for other writers in North Carolina. I’ll be doing just that in the months ahead as there are few things I love better than working with other writers and talking about writing. But with the world of writing in flux, and career trajectories no longer predictable, much less known, it’s time to look at exactly what these workshops should entail. I’d like your help with that.

ESCRIBIRWith that in mind, if you are a writer of any kind – fiction, non-fiction, short form or long – what kind of workshops centered around writing would you be most likely to attend? What would be most useful to you either personally or professionally? Is there a specific aspect about the craft of writing you would find most useful, or are you more interested in exploring outlets for your writing? While I do not conduct workshops on how to get published – that question is unanswerable at the present – any other aspect of writing is a possibility. Please use the Comments section below to share your thoughts.

In addition to your ideas, I have several themes in mind for potential workshops, but I am reluctant to propose any that would not find an audience. If you are a writer reading this, or even someone thinking of dipping their toe into writing, can you do me a favor and give me your thoughts or your thoughts on whether any of the following themes appeal to you? Any feedback would be much appreciated:

The Role of Writing in Your Life

Journaling, blogging, storytelling in business, the art of letters, and why writing matters to your life.

Why Do You Write?

A workshop to help writers understand what compels them to write, what they want to get out of their writing, and what writing genres and outlets are most suited for them, given their specific goals.

The Mysterious Appeal of Crime Fiction

Why do people love mysteries so much? Learn what elements go into commercial mysteries/crime fiction these days and join in a discussion in where we go from here.

People, Places & Plots

The elements of a ripping good tale and how to make them your own.

Feeding the Muse

How to find, tap into, and hold onto sources of inspiration in the modern world.

Structuring a Book for Today’s Readers

How to structure and outline a book that appeals to audiences raised on television and motion pictures.

Finding Your Voice

What makes your writing unique? How to discover and showcase your author’s voice.

Thanks for any input you can give! And if you want to be notified of available workshops once we create a final schedule, please sign up for Piedmont Laureate workshop notifications here. You will be asked to confirm your subscription using the email address you provide and your information will not be used for any other purpose. Thanks!



One thought on “What kind of writer’s workshop would you attend?”

  1. Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting for you to do something like this for ever! I would love to have some kind of class exploring today’s mysteries and what people are looking for ( i.e. Mysterious Appeal of Crime Fiction.) That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the Casey Jones series and would love to have a class and learning how to put together the initial book for series (I.e. People, Places and Plots, oh my!)
    Thank-you so much for asking what we’d like to see.


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