Join Me on April 23rd in Raleigh

If you are a reader or author interested in exploring the future of writing and/or celebrating local authors, please join me for a special event on Saturday, April 23:

Join 2016 Piedmont Laureate Katy Munger as she welcomes local authors in a celebration of writing talent. Katy will give a keynote talk on writing followed by author readings and a networking reception. If you’re a local author and would like to attend, email

Saturday, April 23, 11am-1pm OR 3-5pm (2 sessions)
Cameron Village Regional Library | 1930 Clark Avenue, Raleigh


3 thoughts on “Join Me on April 23rd in Raleigh”

  1. Katy – I enjoyed your talk at this morning’s session. It was a nice surprise – I didn’t realize there would be a speaker. Another nice surprise was running into my good friend, RS Crow. His reading was great.

    I would love to follow up with you on the “Goodhousekeeping” conversation. I can be reached at diogenesruiz at If there is a time and place that is convenient to meet, please let me know and we can confirm it.

    On another note, loved your villain blog post. There is nothing better than a villain you love to hate. The creep in the book I gave you is like that. After my wife finished reading it she said, “You wrote that? Where is all that hate coming from?” Another “friend” recommended I seek therapy.

    Thanks again for a great talk.


  2. Hi, Katy! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your keynote address at the Cameron Village Library on Saturday morning. You balanced encouragement with reality in a way that we all needed. Thank you!


  3. Katy, your talk was inspiring and energizing. Thank you for redefining success, encouraging us to work together, and sharing your love of libraries. The other readings and the networking amplified your message. I’m looking forward to reading your books.


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