There’s a new Casey coming…

I am very pleased to announce that there’s  a new book in my Casey Jones mystery series. Fire and Rain is available now in paperback and will be available in ebook format starting August 15, 2019. Order your paperback version now or  pre-order your ebook copy today and enjoy delivery of it on August 15.

If you’ve been a fan….

As an author, you  never really know what your characters will want to do once you get started writing a book. As I was writing this particular book, I realized that Casey had grown and matured a bit since Bad Moon on the Rise and that Fire and Rain was going to be a very personal journey for Casey.  Out of the blue, I found old boyfriends of Casey knocking on the door and demanding to be let into the story. Bill Butler asked me for a reprieve and, in some ways, you learn more about him in Fire and Rain than in any of my earlier books. Burly is back as well. At the same time, two favorites Bobby D. and Marcus Dupree asked if they could step up and prove just how committed to Casey they were. Amidst all of this, Casey made it very plain to me that she is 1) not unaware that she is getting a little bit old to be continuously shopping for a new man in her life, but 2) not yet ready to moderate her behavior beyond self-awareness. God knows, she remains as stubborn as ever. So I hope that you will enjoy the plot, the tenuous friendships she makes with her female clients, and the usual “I can’t believe she went there” humor as much as you enjoy the deeper look at some of your favorite characters. If not, please do not blame me. I’m just the pair of hands that transcribes what the world of Casey is up to.

One final word: it’s easy to stereotype characters, especially when they’re as recognizable as little people, strippers, and bikers. But I try not to stereotype people in my books just as I try not to in real life. We’re all just walking each other home and I hope that I honored the unique humanness of every person you meet in Fire and Rain. 

As always, thank you for giving me the honor of reading my books.

For new readers….

Welcome to the world of Casey Jones and her motley crew of assorted friends and enemies. They don’t come much tougher than Casey, a smart-mouthed unlicensed private investigator whose dirt poor Florida upbringing and hard scrabble life has left her few illusions about other people. But she has a new life in North Carolina that’s going strong, thank you very much, and her latest assignment is to protect two unique sisters starring in a sensational rootin’ and tootin’ topless dancing act. Unfortunately, not everyone’s a fan.

When vicious death threats to the sisters are followed by a murder and kidnapping, it’s up to Casey to navigate the sleazy world of strip clubs, biker gangs, and decades-long family secrets. To complicate things, every time she turns around, Casey seems to find an ex-boyfriend in the way, trying to tell her how to run her investigation and her life. To make matters, the tall, dark, and handsome biker who gets her motor running at top speed may very well be a head-on collision course waiting to happen. What’s a stubborn, grieving, and angry girl to do?

Calling on her friends for help, including her larger-than-life boss Bobby D. and computer whiz Marcus Dupree, Casey embarks on a journey that will take her from the eastern flatlands of the Tar Heel State all the way to its most exclusive mountain enclaves in a quest to seek vengeance for one of her oldest friends. I hope you enjoy the ride.

13 thoughts on “There’s a new Casey coming…”

  1. My whole world just got better because I can anticipate reading your new book, which will be delivered as fast as Amazon can get it here!!! So happy.


  2. I am on the final Casey Jones book. What a wonderful ride it has been reading this series. Please tell me there will be more. I am so sad to be coming to the end of these books. I have no idea if the ending of the 7th book will let me know if this is the end or if more are coming but I can only hope to visit with Casey and all her wonderful, wacky friends in the future!! Thank you for the many hours of entertainment!!!


  3. I just discovered you,& I’m so glad I did. Read Casey & dead detective. Now I’m going for Hubert & lil. I’m sure I will enjoy. I loved both series. I have to tell you that dead detective has made me cry. It really touched me. I will be awaiting more books from you! Best wishes to you j w


    1. Oh my gosh, Jane — thank you for that comment about the Dead Detective. That series means a lot to me. I am in the process of trying to get the rights back for all four of the books in that series and if Penguin would just hurry it up, I plan to bring them back out again, setting the stage for a new Dead Detective book.


  4. What a great discovery to find you and the Casey Jones series! I have just finished all 7 and I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style, the suspense and the cohesive way you blend it all together and keep readers entranced until the end. You are a very good author! I read about 2 books/week and I was captured on Casey’s first book and kept reading them all! If there are more Casey in the future, I would like to see her and Bill get serious enough to put a ring on it!! I would love to see you explore more of the “Appalachian culture” that is as stereotypical as your bikers and strippers.

    Matter of fact, I was in HS at same time and city as you but in Cary!


    1. Hi Craig! I want to go back the mountains with Casey as well so… stay tuned. And there weren’t a whole lot of people living in Cary way back then. 🙂 I am pretty sure this makes you an original Cary native.


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